Our Projects

Our Projects

Organizing a vastradan camps in slums, orphanages and adulthood homes. We tend to as a company powerfully feel regarding indigent and for North American country no one ought to suffer the shortage of vastra. As we tend to area unit born, weather is sensitive for everyone; everyone feels heat, cold and rain. Thus as a result of simply because they're poor we tend to don't wish they must suffer- because for North American country all human life is sacred. These camps area unit fairly often and have its own importance. We have arranging these types of campaigns in different slum areas of Delhi NCR.

At our campaigns we arranges distribution of garments and blankets to kids within the villages. Most come back sporting solely Associate in nursing recent combine of shorts. Smaller kids sometimes don't even have that, and sometimes come back to our programs naked. We have a tendency to try and prepare for garments for all of those kids, and within the winter we've a special distribution of winter blankets to assist them keep heat at midnight. If you'd prefer to sponsor the distribution of free garments and blankets for these kids so please come and join our program to help them.

We have started the mission named as "Annapurna" as mission name tell you every thing as we all know that There are so much hunger in the world that god can not appear better than in form of bread that is why our main motive in this is to provide the food to the people who are struggling to get the meal for one time in a day.

We have a number of vouleteer who are helping us to distribute the food as well as we have have number of donaters and local goverment people who are helping us in this cause to help those who need us.so please help us by providing your support for this good cause according to your will in which you can donate the food to the people who are not able to get the one time meal on daily basis so help us to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of the poor — one person, one family at a time. Be the change that you want to see in this world. Join us in the fight against poverty!

The word jevendan refers to giving life to someone so our project is known as "jevandan" is also same in which you can give the new life to those in ominous need of it. this campaign consist various activities like blood donation and organ donation in which you can voluntere to donate blood.cancer care trust organizes blood donation camps time to time, at different locations across Delhi/NCR.the main motive behind this blood donation is to serve the humanity and to save the patients fighting with the critical diseases and other life threating disease. We are also spreading awareness on blood donation so more and more people come ahead to donate blood and serve the humanity.

As per the facts of WHO that 8 million units of blood are collected globally every year. Only 45% of these are donated in developing countries and transitional countries where more than 80 % of world's population lives. It is because of lack of education and awareness that our masses particularly youth is not donating blood in large scale to meet the need of our nation and state. in this project we have option for organ donation also where you can register to donate your organs for those who are unfortunate need of it.

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